Ekanayake Ekanayake (Year 9)

Art Club

Art Club is for Key Stage 3 artists of any skill level. It is great fun and a creative environment to come and do artwork; you can draw and make all sorts of things. There are set projects to join in with or you can let your imagination come up with the ideas on what you want to draw or make. During lockdown we created an Art Club Google Classroom so that we could continue to share our artwork. The club means a lot to me because art is something I do to relax and I can share my creations with the Art Club community. I recommend that you come and join as you will be able to develop your art skills and have lots of fun with friends creating wonderful pieces of work.

James Skrabski (Year 7)
Hugo Cole (Year 7)
Gian Rayat (Year 8)
Andrzej Arszulowicz (Year 8)

Photography Club

Photography Club has given me the chance to see the beauty and wonder in the world through the form of a picture. I never really thought about being a young photographer until I joined the Photography Club. The world we live in today is wonderful, so I take photos to remind myself how wonderful it is.

Alex Whittaker (Year 7)

During lockdown, I was given tasks to do for the Photography Club and it really got me outside, taking lots of photos; but also, the forest walks and bluebells in my neighbourhood are perfect places for photographs. You don’t have to go far to take a beautiful photo when you have stunning scenery near you.

William Perrin-Cocon (Year 9)
James White (Year 8)