A legacy bequest to Dr Challoner’s School Educational Trust (registered charity 298550) is one of the most worthwhile and significant gifts you can make. All bequests of whatever size or type will benefit future generations of students. Legacies can enhance the fabric and facilities of the school ensuring that talented young people have the best possible chance to fulfil their potential. We realise that the future is uncertain and that making a will is a significant and personal undertaking. The welfare of those closest to you will naturally come first. However, we hope that your experience of Dr Challoner’s Grammar School had a positive influence on you and that you will consider making a pledge to support the Dr Challoner’s School Educational Trust in your will.

The Advantages of Leaving a Legacy

A Legacy enables you to support the school in a way which may not have been practical or possible during your lifetime. If you have already made a will, a Codicil is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to make a change. Legacy giving is highly tax effective and will reduce the overall Inheritance Tax on your estate. It is also free of Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax. Recent changes to legacies mean that if you leave 10% or more of your estate to charity (and this can be spread across several different charities), you will now only pay 36% Inheritance Tax on the taxable remainder of your estate. A bequest founded the school and has made possible the education of generations of young people. Please help us keep this tradition alive today. For more information, or to discuss your legacy, please contact: Clare Atkinson, Development Director, Dr Challoner’s Grammar School, Chesham Road, Amersham. HP6 5HA.