Chilterns MS Centre Charity Day

8th February 2019: Last Friday, students trooped into school wearing their own clothes, turning the site into a parade of...

Bucks Book Award Results at Piper’s Corner

6th February 2019

Exploring the Olympic Park

29th - 31st January 2019

Second Success in German Debating

29th January 2019

A Bohemian Rhapsody

29th January 2019

Fire and Fury at Challoner's MUN

27th January 2019

Challoner's Students Celebrate University Successes

January 2019

Debating at the Oxford Union

16th January 2019

Pearson Dominate House Hockey

14th - 17th January 2019

A Visit from Australia

8th - 14th January 2019

Sadler's Swans

13th December 2018

Carols and Christmas

12th December 2018