DCGS has a long tradition of House Competitions. From the 1920s to the 1970s there were four houses at the school - Challoner, Hampden, Milton and Penn - all named after renowned Buckinghamshire residents. The house system was abolished during the 1970s, but reinstated in 2004. Upon entry to the school, students are allocated to one of six houses - Foxell, Holman, Newman, Pearson, Rayner and Thorne - all of which are named after previous headmasters.

A vast range of competitions are keenly contested during the course of the year with the winning house being presented with the House Shield. There are currently over 70 competitions contested annually, ranging from sports, drama and music to orienteering and code-breaking. It encourages participation from all members of each house and also gives significant opportunities for taking on responsibility with approximately 90 boys involved each year as Captains, Deputy Captains, Mentors or Representatives.

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House representatives


Captains: Michael Fahey, Joshua Larkin and Soham Deshpande

Sixth Form Mentors
Year 7: Qasim Kanani and Isha Qamar
Year 8: Nimrita Ryatt, William Walker and Mihir Malde

Form Representatives
Year 7: and
Year 8: Sahen Pragash and Mark Nycyk
Year 9: Max Thomas and Ryan Cripps
Year 10: Jonathan Breed and Henry Matthews
Year 11: Oakley Denson, Barnaby Dunster, Manas Vyas and Finn Geppert

Staff:  A McAloon,  A Cross,  C Challis,  C Priggs,  C Clare,  C Atkinson,  G Cadman,  G Byrne,  J Smith,  J Cullen,  J Deadman,  J Blake,  K Whitby,  K Snow,  K Wojewodka,  M Butler,  N Buchanan,  N Hutchinson,  N Akerman,  R Laferton and  T Spensley


Captains: Noah Parry, Niklas Damarell and Amira Bhatti

Sixth Form Mentors
Year 7: Ludo Gibson and Harvey Russell
Year 8: Leon Sommer, James Gibb and Simran Ruparelia

Form Representatives
Year 7: and
Year 8: Tom Broom and Abhimanyu Popat
Year 9: Amaar Soomro and Rory Mills
Year 10: and
Year 11: Louis Nardone and Thomas Redmond

Staff:  J Robertson,  R Healy,  F Adi,  K McShane,  S Webb,  A Fifield,  A Greiff,  L Green,  A Britton,  K Baker,  L Instone,  R Gledhill,  K Connell,  N Thompson,  N Currums,  F Porter,  G Grant,  K Burton,  C Holloway,  A Cronin,  C Bushe,  C Black and  N Almada da Silva


Captains: Oscar Hill, Spencer Norways and Dom Walsh

Sixth Form Mentors
Year 7: Ollie Norton and Liam Potter
Year 8: Henry Barnard, Josh Larkin and Raman Dhillon

Form Representatives
Year 7: and
Year 8: Aidan Suleyman and Aaron Mistry
Year 9: Jatin Dahiya and Samuel Karseras
Year 10: Divit Kelmani, Luca Ward and Nathan Cleaver-Brown
Year 11: Timo Eloli and Barney Robertson

Staff:  J Sealy,  R Popely,  P Malin,  A Watts,  R Morgan,  P Walker,  J Collins,  L Krusche,  G Krishnaswamy,  E Whittle,  A Sharpe,  G Jones,  E Goodall,  L Walker,  N Wimbridge,  R Fermont,  J Ravenscroft-Hull,  L Harrington,  D Atkinson,  S Lunnon,  J Borrell,  S Lennard,  A Abbas and  C Sutton


Captains: Luca Pagni, Adam Smith and Cameron Quinn

Sixth Form Mentors
Year 7: Will Wright and Vivika Sahajpal
Year 8: Shaan Patankar, Prashna Jogiya and Kasun Senadheera

Form Representatives
Year 7: and
Year 8: Ben Hunter and Lakindu de Silva
Year 9: Deelan Vala and George Austin
Year 10: and
Year 11: Will Perrin Cocon and Ed Bellamy

Staff:  B Sharp,  K Sarahs,  S Rodgers,  D Wojcik,  S Sanders,  M Flattery,  P Gregan,  P Parkinson,  A Mauro,  N Hasan,  C Beedell,  M Main,  J Jones,  A Carpignani,  R Pontin,  J Kellas,  J Shelley,  E Latham,  C Dawes,  G Silvester,  J Freeman,  S Burn,  D Colquhoun and  S Keen


Captains: James Watson, Ben Webb and Arun Tandon

Sixth Form Mentors
Year 7: Lewis Littman and Sean Dwyer
Year 8: Shalom Kashyap, Oscar Midgley-Masters and Dana Moss

Form Representatives
Year 7: and
Year 8: Gabi El Nagar, Nicki Patel and Mattie Gemmell
Year 9: Aydar Usenov, Maximus Wilkinson, James Skrabski and Benedict Taylor
Year 10: Jake Downton and Sammy Hall
Year 11: Brandon Murphy, Luke Holloway, Patrik Roberts and Alex Shepherd

Staff:  D Shepherd,  T Sebrell,  G Knight,  N Woodhouse,  J Orr,  J Thompson,  A Bristow,  L Hamill,  J Flower,  K Trueman,  G Agius,  S McIntosh,  L Day,  C Dale,  L Prime,  J Hearn,  S Sinden,  R Dobby,  L Ashton,  R Nicolson,  D Beazley,  S Kamperis,  R Ambrose,  M Elliott and  G Unnikrishnan


Captains: Rowan McGirr, Sebastian McGrath and Tom Vicary

Sixth Form Mentors
Year 7: Akash Sharma and Navtej Buttar
Year 8: Gerald Daymond and Jaymin Bhatt

Form Representatives
Year 7: and
Year 8: Ranulph Lockwood and Rowan Bola
Year 9: Henry Lambert and Charlie Tang
Year 10: Edward Newhams and Carson Wong
Year 11: James Morley and Arun Bangay

Staff:  J Whitby,  G Wallington-Smith,  S Nieboer,  L Watson,  S Paterson,  S Hill,  T Cornelius,  S Kennedy,  A Halpin,  L Ince,  T Nicholls,  M McKay,  G Davies,  M Burnett,  E Hill,  B Lowry,  J Sutcliffe,  J Graham,  L Binnion,  A Millar,  P Casey,  F Slingsby,  J Anning and  M Tansley