Introduced this year for Year 7s and 8s, the Bronze Arts Award is an incredible co-curricular opportunity. Students work towards completing a portfolio to achieve a nationally recognised qualification. A key part is attending arts events, so, on the 15 June, we hopped on to the tube to Embankment. Then, we walked to a huge and fancy art gallery called the Courtauld.

When we got there, we met a tour guide and stopped at two Monet paintings. Deciphering the details within, we contemplated the history behind it. We were then tasked with sketching it with crayons. It went well - for most of us.

Venturing into the next room, we viewed a fascinating painting by Auerbach that had so much paint, it hadn’t even dried completely! There was also a puzzling abstract painting by Lanyon. We originally thought it was a car but it was actually a valley!

Every Wednesday, we are privileged enough to enjoy a one hour session, experimenting with different types of inks and papers to make a variety of artworks of different types.