With yet another school term coming to a close, I was more than happy to be heading off to the US with my friends this Easter; excited about what was in store for us. We arrived at our lodgings at around 03:00 and had a good few hours of rest before waking up for the first of five glorious days on the slopes. We split into two American school buses and drove to the ski resort. On arrival, we were put in groups, given our equipment for the week ahead and set off on the first morning of slopes.

Following the first day of skiing, we were given a quick trip to KFC and Mcdonald's; followed by the first of two ‘cultural’ visits to Walmart - in which large quantities of Gatorade and Jolly Ranchers were purchased by both students and staff! We then had a glorious four more days of skiing where we took part in many other activities in the evening such as visiting a simulated driving range, bowling alley and taking part in a quiz assembled by Mr Love.

Following five days of what seemed like non-stop skiing, it was finally time for the "concrete jungle where dreams are made of": visiting Times Square, the Hard Rock Cafe, Rockefeller Center and everything else New York had to offer. A brief panic began after hearing the Year 10 flight back to the UK had been cancelled, however, the staff organised new flights extremely quickly resulting in us landing safely the next day. Overall we had an amazing non-stop, fun-filled trip that I felt very fortunate to have experienced and I firmly encourage any future students to participate in it if they can.