Jonny Carr (Year 9)

Main floor size is 276m2.

Stage area is 60m2.


  • In theatre style, 420 seated max with a central aisle. Chairs included and any number of chairs up to 420 can be set out.
  • If you require a set up for tables and chairs (for a quiz or comedy night for example), we can offer the use of our trestle tables of which we have around 40. We can set out around 20-25 tables (depending on layout) with chairs around (8 to a table), however we can add more or less depending on your exact requirements, for example you may want a dance floor in the middle.

We can also request the use of our presentation equipmentwhich consists of projector, screen, speakers, surround sound and CD Playerbut this will need to be requested in advance and may incur a small additional fee.

If there is anything else you would like to discuss regarding additional extras please do get in touch: