Welcome to the MUN society at Dr Challoner's Grammar School.

Our society aims to replicate the real United Nations allowing students to experience international diplomacy, better their debating skills or even add a prestigious hobby to their CV. It allows children of a multitude of ages, abilities and backgrounds to congregate and debate about the issues which are most important to them. These range from solving the Syrian refugee crisis to ending child slavery.

The society empowers the children of today with solutions for contemporary issues so they are ready to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Yet it is the ethos of the club which makes it truly magnificent. It gives our students a true exposure and makes them cognizant of the real world. Each delegate has their own personal drive for attending this society yet they all have one common aim: to make the world a better place. This sense of unity is a commonality both in the Challoner's and United Nations framework.

We look forward to training the leaders of tomorrow

Mohammad Karim | President

Challoner’s MUN

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