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We currently have a vacancy for an Assistant Team Leader for Music

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We currently have a vacancy for a Visiting Music Teacher - Clarinet and Saxophone

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We currently have a vacancy for a Foreign Language Assistant (French)

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We currently have vacancies for Cleaning Staff

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Teacher Training places 2017-18

Recruitment for 2017 /18 training places is now closed. It will re-open in October for 2018-19, in both primary and secondary subjects , salaried and unsalaried, across schools in the Astra SCITT.

UCAS website

The Astra Alliance has been awarded status as a School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) provider (Bucks Examiner article), working with the Institute of Education (UCL) for the PGCE qualification to provide high quality training placements. During the training year, all trainees will have the opportunity to spend time in at least one other of our partnership schools to ensure a contrasting and comprehensive experience. The Alliance has considerable experience of training teachers and recognises and values the enthusiastic contribution that they make to our school communities. Staff at the training schools will share their knowledge and good practice to ensure that trainees are well supported to develop into good and outstanding teachers.

The programme is structured to allow trainees to develop the skills required to teach the subject that they are training in and to develop specific expertise for making a distinctive contribution to practice in their setting. See Astra Learning Alliance under 'Train to Teach' for more details.

More information about SCITT/School Direct teaching routes can be found at:

Get Into Teaching

Generous bursaries are available for trainees, depending on the subject/phase; for more information see Bursaries and funding. We also offer school experience visits for both primary and secondary - please contact Gill Byrne at