Swing Band and Jazz Band Tour

19th - 23rd July: Last Wednesday, 55 members of the Joint Challoner’s Swing Band as well as the DCGS Jazz Band set off...

Thrills at Thorpe Park

18th July 2017

Sixth Form Students Support the Community

16th July 2017

Raucous Comedy in King Ubu

13th-15th July 2017

Challoner's Supports the Lady Fatemah Trust

14th July 2017

Life After Challoner's

13th July 2017

Celebrations at the End of the Year

12th July 2017

Haikus and More with Ash Dickinson

12th July 2017

A Philosophical, Parisian Odyssey

7th-10th July 2017

CERNtainly a Trip to Remember

6th July 2017 - 8th July 2017

New Designers

7th July 2017

Showcasing Young Talent in the Junior Concert

7th July 2017