More Than 15 Minutes of Fame for Jonnie Kimmins

25th April 2017: This year and last year I have been fortunate enough to have a part in the BBC's children's drama Jamie...

The Winter's Tale

20th April 2017

Radio Silence: Sixth Form-produced Audio Drama

7th April 2017

Mrs Black Receives Wellbeing Champion Award

3rd April 2017

Two Awards at International Robotics Competition

1st to 2nd April 2017

Fire-Raising Drama in The Arsonists

30th March 2017

Former Death Row Inmate Tells His Story

30th March 2017

Tricky Times at Twickenham

29th March 2017

Exploring Coventry Cathedral

29th March 2017

Frantic Calculations in House Maths

27th to 30th March 2017

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels!

22nd to 25th March 2017

Shakespeare by Candlelight

22nd March 2017