Year 8: The Science Museum

On a chilly autumnal day, Year 8 students embarked on their Enrichment Day trip to the Science Museum, the most visited science and technology museum in the whole of Europe. We spent the day exploring the museum and discovering the plethora of different exhibitions it has to offer. We even enjoyed activities and games scattered around the museum which enhanced our knowledge of the world of science.

Certain sections such as Space, Technology and Engineering gave us the opportunity to see how science has changed history to turn the world into the place it is now. On display were the real Apollo 10 command module, the 190-year-old Stevenson’s Rocket, and many more capsules and objects that have allowed humans to reach above and beyond our homes on Earth. In the Engineering section we could appreciate the development of buildings, transport and housing. Looking at people’s ideas to develop this aspect of society was really interesting to see, especially since we now know how these people have changed the way we live.

We learnt lots of new, interesting facts on this trip and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Year 11: What Next?

With mock exams and GCSEs looming over them, Year 11 went into Enrichment Day looking to the future. After a talk about post-16 education, including university degrees and A Level options, Mr Holloway began the Morrisby test. This is an exam/survey that analyses participants’ answers to give them advice on everything from careers to working personalities. Afterwards, Mr Goodall and Mr Gledhill gave a presentation about the Challoner’s Sixth Form, detailing required grades and alternative options. This was followed by a thought-provoking talk from Mrs Beasley about work experience and the skills that can be gained from it. Mr Morgan closed the proceedings with a helpful (albeit convoluted) talk that involved Yoda and stories about shopping, which taught us how to revise 'smart', not hard. This Enrichment Day will no doubt have an impact on the future of all of Year 11.

Year 12: London Challenge

After a week of planning, the new cohort of Year 12s began their expedition through the chaotic streets of London. Each div had a list of tasks that needed to be completed, such as visiting five museums in London or taking a picture with a person in uniform. Each completed task was worth points, with prizes on offer for the team with the most points. This made for an intense div-against-div challenge. My team started off with high spirits, despite the appalling weather, and soon we were ticking off universities and famous statues all over the city. However, due to the extensive amount of walking, we eventually dropped in energy as our time was coming to an end. Nonetheless, we gave a final push by making a quick stop at some landmarks to get our team ahead. In the end, we had accomplished our tasks to our best efforts and made our way home. This was a great opportunity to bond with the new students and further cement our old friendships.

We would like to thank all the staff at Challoner's for giving us a hugely enjoyable and educational Enrichment Day.