10th - 13th September 2018

Zac Collingbourne (Year 13)

Luke Amos (Year 11)

Luke Ibbeson (Year 11)

Henry Franks (Year 13)


The new school year kicked off fiercely with the famous annual House Cross Country competition. Students from Years 7 to 11 took part, showing almighty patriotism not for their country but, more importantly, for their beloved house to score their personal point, 1 per runner. A lap around the school field and another around Hervines was all that divided the men from the boys.

The week began with Year 7, where tensions were high - it was their first chance to prove themselves as loyal members to their acquired house. We saw outstanding efforts from all students involved and Holman claiming the first win of the new school year. Runners up (pun intended) were Pearson and Thorne, placing second and third respectively.

Then came Year 8 who, after a year of training at Challoner’s, had perfected their running skills out on the school field. An excellent win from Foxell gave them their first share of the points, closely followed by Holman then Thorne.


The Year 9 race came on a beautiful English summer’s day. The weather paid off, with a showcase of impressive times across the board. Another victory from Foxell secured an early lead in the House Competition. Prominent performances from Pearson and Rayner placed them second and third.

Finally came the Year 10 and 11 race in which the dark red horse of Newman came out on top, helping them to secure a second place spot in the House Competition. After an outstanding performance, Pearson were only able to grab second place, tying with Newman in the overall standings. Impressive running from Rayner helped them to the Bronze position.

A massive well done to all the students and teachers participating and a special thanks to the PE Staff for organising it.

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