While the rest of the school were enjoying Enrichment Day, Year 7 were having the visit of a lifetime. Our first exciting activity was surfboarding! We took a bus to the coast and got changed into wetsuits, ready to face the sea. Despite most us being new to the idea of surfing, we managed to catch some waves and have fun.

Once we were re-energised we got ready for our final activity of the day where we learnt about buoys and then went to the coast to see them ourselves. We got back in time for a hot chocolate and a good night's sleep after some stern encouragement from the teachers.

The rest of the activities flashed by: pool games, team building exercises, keelboating and - most exciting of all - sea survival, where we had to stay in the water to test our endurance. Believe me, the water was freezing!. We also noticed that none of the teachers were keen to join in. At the end of the exhilarating day we went to bed absolutely exhausted.

We clambered out of bed knowing that we only had one more activity left before we had to depart for Amersham. We ate our scrumptious breakfast before getting ready for our last water sports session. Once we had put on our wetsuits we were finally able to start stand up paddle boarding, which was surprisingly fun. We played lots of games like 'Ultimate Duck Duck Goose', which was basically the same game but this time on paddle boards; we also had a couple of races which made for a really thrilling experience.

After the final exciting activity, it was time to depart and set off back to Amersham. I now know every boy in my class a bit better and thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Not only was it extremely fun, but we might have even learnt a thing or two!