This year's Sixth Form Debating Society got off to a thought-provoking start this week with three interesting debates on a current event; the devastating earthquake in Mexico. The motion debated by teams was 'This house would implement a compulsory £1 micro-tax on every current account in Britain to provide support to the humanitarian crisis in Mexico'. With debates taking place in a British Parliamentary style, 28 knowledgeable Sixth Form students participating, and debates being judged by fellow students, this year promises to be an exciting one for debating at Challoner's.

The first fixture of the week saw notable Year 13 teams Matt and James, and Soorya and Daniel in a debate with some new Year 12 pairs. The debate took an unexpected turn when the 'humanitarian crisis' was interpreted as the Mexican migration crisis rather than the earthquake. However, all the teams adapted well to this surprise and fought out a good debate. To the surprise of many, Matt and James took third place, leaving the win to the impressive team of Kieran and Robbie.

A few days later, the second fixtures commenced. In one arena, Matt and Tom from Year 13 took on Mo and Sam, Max and Jamie, and Adam and Joe all from the year below. This debate focused on key issues of forced donations to help natural disasters. The proposition argued that the motion would help improve the UK's relations with Mexico going into a post-Brexit world, whilst the opposition countered that this might lead other countries to expect the same from the UK when in need. Matt and Tom won the debate for the opposition with Mo and Sam in a close second.

At the same time, another debate was also commencing in a separate venue. Whilst one team was unable to attend and automatically forfeited, Soorya nobly stepped in so that the debate could take place anyway. Year 12s Kit, Redford, and Gianluca all impressed the judge during this extremely tight debate. Rebuttal proved key to victory in this fixture, with Chris and Redford critically knocking down their oppoition's arguments and elucidating their own.

Sixth Form Debating promises to be exceptional this year: check back every week for the results and standings.









Tom F and Matt D 73310023
Joe D and Adam J73211021
Matt C and James W73211021
Soorya T and Dan C72230020
Kieran B and Robbie S73202020
Sam H and Mo K73202020
Redford D and Chris H71321018
Ollie H and Jeyoung R72121116
Gianluca A and Harry F81222116
Sam L and Aran M71123014
Max H and Jamie P70213111
Kit H and Barnie B 70132111
Tom F-L7003319