Brick Lane party - Ahsan Abbas -

On Monday and Thursday this week, classes of A Level Geography students took the Tube up to London. After over an hour journeying, everybody was raring to get out onto the streets - we started at the borough of Tower Hamlets, stopping at different areas and learning about the culture and history of each place. Throughout the morning we learnt about the different type of land use patterns in London, and after a busy morning everybody was glad to stop for lunch at the Spitalfield Market.

In the afternoon we travelled around the financial regions of London, stopping at sights such as St Paul’s. The final area of London we visited was the Barbican, where we learnt about the huge regeneration project that had taken place after the Second World War. It was a tiring but interesting Geography visit, and we say a huge thank you to Mr Abbas for organising it, and making it so enjoyable.