Like most Year 12s, I was given the privilege of showing prospective Year 7s and their families around the school on Open Evening this week. Understandably nervous, the young students listened to deputy school captain Tim Leech and Dr Fenton talk about the school’s many virtues, before being assigned a Sixth Form student to guide them round the school and answer any questions they had.

Of course, it was not just down to the Sixth Form to show off the school in all of its glory: the classrooms were alive with activity and colour. In Science, there were experiments with Bunsen burners and the desks were lined with microscopes, magnifying aspects of the natural world 400 times for the benefit of prospective students and their families. Over in Sports, students showed off the new climbing wall, whilst in Music, jazz band rehearsals were in full swing. In the History department, Mrs Pearmain and Mr Buchanan were dressed in full historic regalia to add to the sense of occasion. All classrooms displayed a large range of student work to demonstrate the skill and creativity of Challoner’s students.

The experience of guiding Year 5 and 6s around the school allowed me to see the school from a new perspective, reminding me of when I was a frightened Year 5 going to see what would turn out to be my future school for the first time. Things have changed since then - suffice to say the fear did not last long, with the teachers and older students being supportive and encouraging to the new members of their community. Now that I am nearing the end of my Challoner’s journey, it was an honour to give something back to the school and a pleasure to see again where it all started.