One Headmaster, one bucket of iced water. Today, the two met in extraordinary style. The day began like any other, but at break time everything was turned onto its head – or perhaps onto Dr Fenton’s head. Students and teachers alike flocked to the field, paying an entrance fee to charity, and crowded around the cricket pavilion and the ominously empty chair and table.

The stage was set.

The audience were ready.


Amongst all the fun and absurdity of the situation there is an important underlying message. The ice bucket challenge is a charity event, the whole premise being that you donate to an important cause while you do it.

Dr Fenton’s chosen charity was Alzheimer’s Research UK which is the UK’s leading dementia research charity specialising in finding causes, treatments and ultimately a cure for dementia. Dementia is a serious disease that kills up to 60,000 people a year. Alzheimer’s Research UK plays a vital part in finding more out about the illness and one day eradicating it. Of course this research is expensive and charities like this one rely on donations.

Thanks to one bucket of water, several buckets of money were raised. A total of over £400 was donated in all - along with one rather dubious million pound note - and that will hopefully make a positive difference to someone’s life. This is a brilliant effort and thanks go to all the dedicated scientists that work at research institutes across the world, the students that donated, Oli Browne for the nomination and of course Dr Fenton himself.