On Saturday 3rd September, Year 13 student Toby Emerson, who is member of the school swimming team, embarked on a ten-kilometre swim along the River Dart in Devon. Dodging floating logs, submerged rocks, packed ferries and the kicking feet and flinging arms of 400 other swimmers, he had to cope with water visibility so poor that he could literally not see his hand in front of his face.

Toby managed to complete the competition in a time of 2hours and 16minutes; the fact that he was the youngest competitor and was without experience of a true open water event before the swim barely seemed to phase him, showing a true Challoners spirit.

This swim was used as a practise run for the major challenge facing Toby and his fellow Challoners student Marcus Hazelwood in the summer of 2012 when they intend to swim across the English Channel to raise money for several charities.