Following the success of the 6th Form Biology Field course to South Africa in 2008, 12 intrepid Challoner's students (and two brave/foolish teachers) headed to Namibia this summer for what must surely be one of the most spectacular visits the school has undertaken.

The ancient rock formations and the life of a Bushman were tasted in Spitzkoppe; the poverty and joyfulness of the Namibian people experienced in Swakopmund; the leaping playfulness of dolphins seen in the morning sun of Walvis Bay and the towering Dune 45 in the Namib Desert conquered at dawn. Add to this watching 6 primeval looking black rhino, a gentle giraffe, two unassuming elephants, a skulking posse of black-backed jackal, and a miscellany of zebra and springbok all at the same time around a waterhole in Etosha and words begin to fail. Oh, and not forgetting having a cheetah accelerating directly towards them! Heart-stopping; inspiring... even if it was a tame one chasing a lure and thankfully not Mr England!

'The earth is not ours; it is a treasure we hold in trust for future generations - Namibian proverb. And what a treasure it was!