This wellbeing week is an important week for children and adults at Dr Challoner’s. The overall aim is to remind everyone of the importance of looking after your wellbeing and to provide ideas for how you can do this in your everyday lives.

Connect with other people:

Good relationships are important not only for you but for the people around you. They can help in many ways, such as helping you to build a strong sense of belonging and self worth. It can also build opportunities to share positive and life-changing experiences. As well as this, relationships can provide emotional support and allow you to support others. Finally, having good connections with those around you can prevent isolation and a feeling of loneliness.

Be physically active:

Being active helps every part of your mental well being. It helps your physical health while keeping you positive. It also shows signs of helping your mental wellbeing by raising your self-esteem and could even provide a healthy sense of competition. Also, it can cause chemical changes in your brain which can help to positively change your mood. There is scientific evidence which proves that being active outside in nature improves your mental state of mind. A walk or run in the woods can reduce stress, anxiety, fear, blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension.

Learn new skills:

Research has shown that learning new skills can improve your mental and physical well being. This is important as it boosts your self confidence to achieve other goals. As well as this, it helps to build a sense of self purpose. But most importantly it helps you to connect with friends and family. Even if you feel as if you are limited on time, there are lots of different ways to bring learning into your life.

Give to others:

Research has shown that being kind to others can improve your mental wellbeing. This is because it supports others and helps them feel supported; as a result it has the same impact on you. If you are kind to others, often they will be kind back, giving a sense of satisfaction. Being kind to others can mean connecting with new-found friends. Ways that you can be kind can be as simple as saying thank you when someone holds the door for you or it could be by supporting someone who might be feeling down.

Paying attention to the present (mindfulness):

Paying more attention to present moments can improve your mindfulness and mental well being greatly as it can be a holistic experience. It involves your thoughts, feelings, your body and the world around you. Appreciating the world around you will not only help you but many people close to you. Mindfulness can help you enjoy life more and understand who you are as a person, and how you fit into society. This can help you positively improve the way you think and act.

As a school we have worn different coloured socks each day of the week to represent each day’s focus. On Friday, some people even decided to go a whole day without mobile devices so that they could connect with others. Sport activities were increased across the school and it was clear that many people were trying to use each day’s focus as inspiration to improve their personal wellbeing. Now the challenge is to keep that up in our everyday lives.