During the last week of term, Year 8 received vital CPR training to learn about what to do in order to save a life. The half-hour session started with our two instructors, Nicki and Alex, explaining what cardiac arrest is, and how serious it can be. We learnt some startling facts: out of 100 cardiac arrests, only one person survives, and an average of 30,000 people a year die in Britain alone due to cardiac arrest. This made us realise just how important the session was. Afterwards, we learnt about cardiopulmonary resuscitation (or CPR). Nicki and Alex explained that you must find the centre of the chest and press it 30 times before giving two breaths in the form of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Next was the fun part: testing everything out on a dummy! We role-played walking up to the dummy, checking its pulse, calling the ambulance and eventually performing CPR. It was incredibly hard work but it helped consolidate our knowledge and gave us essential skills for the future. All in all, it was a great day and a great learning experience in case any of us have to administer CPR in real life. I would like to thank Nicki and Alex for coming in and teaching us about it, and to the staff for organising a brilliant day.