The school has recently been preparing to step up its mental health game, by forming the all-new Welfare Ambassadors Team. One part of the team’s many projects and campaigns was Welfare Week.

Each day of the week represented one of the five ways to wellbeing: ‘connect’, ‘be active’, ‘take notice’, ‘keep learning’, and ‘give’ respectively. Each day was assigned a colour, and students and teachers were asked to dress appropriately. In order to avoid some potentially disastrous fashion choices, students were limited to wearing coloured socks, although staff were free to wear coloured ties and scarves. A notable exception to this was Wednesday, being Charity Day; the school became a sea of orange in support of ‘take notice’. I’m sure all the students enjoyed connecting with each other throughout the day, as it was also a ‘no phones day’.

Throughout the week, various activities had been organised for students and staff alike. Monday saw a pottery session to help teachers find a spot of calm in their busy schedule. Div 13.2 collected for the Chiltern Food Bank on Thursday and Friday, along with a staff against Sixth Form basketball match during Friday lunch, which turned out to be an exceptionally entertaining experience.

All in all, the week was a huge success, improving the attitudes of all members of the school community to mental health. Whether they are struggling with moving to a new school, GCSEs, A Levels, or the worries of what comes next, this week has helped students develop better habits for maintaining better mental health. New ideas and campaigns are promising a school community that is more empathetic, but also more knowledgeable, about mental health.