This autumn half term, Nikhil and myself had the pleasure to enjoy an enriching seven day work experience course with the Goethe Institut in Schwäbisch Hall, located in the Southern German state of Baden-Württemberg. The Goethe Institut is the worldwide, German cultural and language instute. It aims to promote German as a foreign language through things like learning materials for schools, German courses for GCSE, A-level and independent study, and work experience (like this).

Over the course of the trip, we indulged in many different engaging activities, for example dining in a different restaurant every night, taking tours of the surrounding city and the local monastery, hearing interesting talks on matters such as one man’s journeys around the world, and learning about Germany’s place in the global economic market. We also delved into some of the German artistic culture, like an electro-jazz concert, and a movie night in the Goethe Institut’s own cinema.

The work experience itself allowed us to have a taste of what lies ahead. The work consisted of an intensive four hours of work a day, working with a diverse range of people within the institute. The range of resources and courses that the institute offers meant we could see language at work but also how the language we're learning can be applied.

After a week together, the group had all learned essential life skills, mostly regarding communication and independence, especially after spending a week in an alien country with only unfamiliar faces for company. A sense of intimacy and close friendship had formed between us, making it hard to leave. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect about the trip and am incredibly lucky to have had the chance to take such an opportunity. It was a truly unforgettable experience.