All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.

Earl Nightingale

Last week, the best geographers from Years 7 to 9 came together to take part in an exciting and thrilling competition. The House Geography competition, run by Mr Davies, tasked teams of four to hunt the school, looking for letters to form an anagram - eventually spelling the code word, 'Azerbaijan'. After an exhilarating chase the students, returned to N11, where they then had to complete a quiz. This proved quite a challenge. It tested various aspects of everyone's geographical knowledge with questions like, ‘How many OS maps are in the UK’. Once this difficult sheet had been answered or the time ran out, the questions were marked and the answers were revealed.

In the end, Pearson proved their geographical superiority, with Holman coming in close second, followed by Newman who came third.Overall it was a great competition and thank you to Mr Davies for organising a wonderful lunch time activity.

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