Children with non-uniform - Jay Carter, Year 12

The final Wednesday before the first half term break of this year saw boys and staff alike sporting their own clothes in support of Cancer Research UK and the Chilterns Multiple Sclerosis Centre. These two charities both contribute hugely to the management of two very different and currently incurable diseases. Both endeavour to discover new ways to fight the conditions - with the aim of eventually finding a cure - and make living with them as unobtrusive as possible.

Already successful on a large scale, Cancer Research UK has contributed significantly to the doubling of cancer survival rates over the last four decades, while the Chilterns MS Centre seeks to continue to provide care and support for patients with the disease which affects the central nervous system.

Together, students, staff and sponsors raised £2680.52 as a result of a highly generous day. Further donations for Cancer Research UK and for the Chilterns MS Centre can be made here.

Cakes! - Anish Rajani, Year 10
CAKES! - Anish Rajani, Year 10

Following this on Thursday, students swarmed to New Court for a cake sale held being held by Mrs Cornelius for Chiltern MS. The cakes were fantastic, and not around for very long! Well done to all involved - an additional £700 was raised.