Following recent success in other cross country competitions, our Junior and Intermediate teams went to the first round of the English Schools' Athletic Association (ESAA) cup in high spirits. The Junior team members despite their age were all experienced runners and performed very well with all six runners finishing in the top nine. Our strongest runners in the Junior team were Angus Williams in Year 7 and Cameron Reid in Year 8.

Our Intermediate team also did very well with all runners in the top 20 with Seb Mills in Year 10 and Ethan Kidd in Year 9 doing the best. It was a tough course at Cotters Low School and it being Britain the runners not only had to face each other but also had to combat the elements.

Mr Deadman, who coached and took the boys, said 'They all did very well. Many people don’t realise that cross country is a team sport. We were lucky not only to have strong runners in Angus and Seb leading the line but a number of runners consistently running at a high standard behind them pushing them to their limits.' This is very appropriate and it was proved as both teams got into the second round. We wish them luck.