The mountain biking club has been ongoing for the past five weeks of this half term and has brought fun and adventure to the lucky participating members. Run by Clare Muir and Tim Pie of Summit MTB club, the students were additionally accompanied by expert cyclists Debs Love, British Cycling Central Region Development Coach Graham MacNamee, and talented competition cyclist and British Cycling Young Volunteer Josh Scott, in Year 11 at The Chalfonts Community College.

For most of the first four weeks we focused on improving our skills on (and sometimes off!) a bike. Some of the skills we learnt included how to get around a corner quickly and safely, how to maintain stamina while ascending a hill but also things that we thought were simple, like getting down a hill safely. It turns out that to descend safely and be ready for what’s ahead, you need to be in the ready position, with your pedals level and your body out of the saddle! But after learning the skills for a big cycling adventure, we actually went on one, through miles of beautiful British woodland but also miles of treacherous slopes, routes and sharp turns.

Special thanks go to Jo Bellamy for arranging the course. If you missed out on this club there’s no need to worry, as the hope is to launch it again next spring.