At the start of term the A level Theatre Studies students travelled to the Beaford Arts Centre in Devon for a three day visit. They had full access to the studio which enabled them to work on extended acting workshops, giving them a stronger understanding of the stimulus, as well as allowing them to explore more deeply the works of famous Theatre Practitioners such as Patsy Rodenburg, Sanford Meisner and Konstantin Stanislavski, whose works constitute a large part of the A-Level course.

While the days were devoted to the workshops, the nights focused more on group work, and were filled with activities that encouraged teamwork and co-ordination. This helped develop close bonds which will play a key part in the productions over the next year. On the penultimate night, everyone involved took part in “The Beaford Review”, the traditional end to the Challoners’ visit, an evening filled with a wide range of acts, including songs, monologues and comedy acts.

The Beaford Centre was the perfect environment for the visit with no time restrictions on workshops and hearty meals prepared by the catering staff, and visits to the Devonian countryside provided great inspiration for the students.