The Thorpe Park Enrichment visit for Year 10 students is always a popular event and this year the student comments were as positive as ever!

The amusement-park industry has experienced a boom in the past 15 years or so. Catapult launching techniques, hanging-train designs and other technological developments have opened up a world of options for designers. "Fourth dimension" coasters spin or rotate your seat as the ride twists, turns and free-falls. We are drawn to them as they incite fear, get our hearts racing, turn our knuckles white and spin us around mercilessly. The students were asked to consider ‘the science behind the rides’ whilst experiencing the adrenaline inducing power of G-force.

They now have the opportunity to win tickets for the visit to Science Live at Oxford in February 2012 by producing a fully illustrated poster under this same title. We hope that they will remember to include knowledge gained from their Biology (senses, nerves, and hormones), Physics (motors, energy, forces) and Chemistry (materials) lessons. Individual or collaborative entries are invited and the competition closes Friday 11th November.