A group of Year 9 business students represented Challoner’s in the Creative Media Challenge at the Amersham and Wycombe College last term. The challenge was to create a mobile phone set to meet the demand of teenagers with impairments and disabilities. The students had to come up with a brand new niche product fulfilling all potential needs, design and build handset and package prototypes, create a marketing campaign, and organise a presentation for the launch. A seemingly huge task considering mobile brands spend months accomplishing what they had to complete in two days!

The Year 9’s took each task in their stride and their innovative design of a hands free headset was designed swiftly. Next was the marketing campaign, and their thirty second television advert brilliantly displayed the elegance and ease of use of their prototype, modelled for the first time.

On the second day, fuelled with confidence, they set about their final mission and arguably the hardest – the presentation. The students were nervous, but after good preparation and numerous rehearsals they were ready. As the only team to have memorised their slideshow without any prompts, they stood out from the others. One judge remarked ‘worthy Dragon’s Den candidates’ after being impressed at their financial considerations, an aspect overlooked by other competitors. With a great sense of achievement they walked away not only as proud joint-winners, but also with a host of video cameras to add to the schools growing arsenal!