Last Wednesday, Year 11 GCSE German students had the opportunity to visit the British Film Institute in Southbank. As our speaking mock examinations drew near, it was a great chance to practise our German and learn a variety of new words and phrases.

We watched several short films in German (some of which had been nominated for several awards in the past), such as Bango Vassil, a traditional Bulgarian Christmas story about a limping shepherd with mysterious powers who gives children gifts on Christmas Day. We were provided with a workbook filled with questions about the movies we had watched and this was a fantastic way for us to help remember the new German vocabulary we had learnt. Finally, to end off the trip, we watched Berlin 36, a movie about two German high jump athletes who fought to compete in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, during the Nazi occupation of Germany. All in all, it was a very fun and insightful trip and it allowed us to continue our GCSE German studies in an enjoyable manner.