On Friday 11th November, Year 12 students were presented with a production of Safe Drive, Stay Alive at the Wycombe Swan Theatre. The presentation was one featuring a film and several live speakers, who shared their hard-hitting stories about the dangers of reckless driving.

The production was one launched by the Thames Valley and Hampshire Police, local councils as well as emergency services. As part of the presentation, students heard from people whose lives have been affected by car crashes, starting with police officers, members of the fire department and paramedics. These speeches were followed by those who have been more directly affected by similar incidents, including the heartbreaking stories of a mother who lost her daughter in an accident and someone who was in a horrible road collision themselves. These stories aimed to inform students about the risks of careless driving and advise them on how to ensure their safety as both a driver and passenger. The thought-provoking and emotive speeches that were delivered to the audience carried the critical message that is certain to have a profound impact on the soon-to-be drivers. In particular, the real stories of those who regrettably lost their lives due to car crashes showed the severe impact that distractions, even those which may be brief, can have.

Globally, young people are more likely to be affected by traffic collisions, so being presented with stories of those who make up these statistics will hopefully influence the Year 12 cohort to reflect on how to use the roads safely.