Just before half term, each house was informed by Mlle. Robillard that the GCHQ, the UK‘s intelligence, security and cyber agency, would be holding a national competition based on codes with different languages (not just French, Spanish and German) for the whole of the week after we got back from our holiday. At this news, the form tutors and form captains racked their heads together and all produced a four - with member team from each house. Throughout the week, my team: Maximillian Kaleta, Lucas Vig and Tom Jenkin and I came every break and lunchtime to Mlle. Robillard’s classroom to crack the codes to find a certain ’flag’ answer to put in the answer pages to gain points.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we really got anywhere near winning the national competition. However, if we had done well, we could have been invited to the headquarters of GCHQ to receive a trophy from the director of GCHQ, Sir Jeremy Fleming!

I think we all had a great week of challenging codes and new languages. It was a real experience, and something I would really like to do next year. I would also like to say thank you to the MFL department, especially Mlle. Robillard, for organising this fascinating event.