Last Tuesday half of our year group visited the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre for a memorable yet sombre production of Private Peaceful as Year 7 have been studying the book in their English lessons. Private Peaceful is an adaptation of the popular book by Michael Morpurgo, set in the battlefields of the First World War.

The stage adaptation is a monologue told through the eyes of the main character, Tommo, who goes to the front line aged just 16! Many Year 7 students, including myself, thought that it was a good play and that the actor did extremely well performing on his own with such intensity for over an hour.

For me, the most exciting part was when Tommo had to crawl into an enemy trench and take a German as a prisoner. The combination of the sound effects, the lighting and the actor’s movements on stage made me feel like we were experiencing this frightening scenario along with him.

Particularly at the end of the book, many of us felt sad as we thought that it was unfair that so many young were dying cruelly, especially after they had been so brave on the battlefield. It made me think about the number of young men who died as he did. I thought the overall message of the play was to save lives.

This was an important play for all of us to see, especially with the forthcoming centenary of the end of the First World War. ‘Lest we forget.’