Last Tuesday afternoon, Year 12 students watched a production of ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’ at the Wycombe Swan Theatre. This is a show made by the local council and emergency departments aiming to educate young people about the dangers of driving and how to make yourself as safe as possible on the roads.

The show started with a video of a group of young people driving to a party in two separate cars. They represented a group of typical, sensible young people who had chosen two friends to be designated drivers. Nonetheless, one of the cars crashed into an oncoming car due to them being distracted by a phone that had fallen under their seat. One passenger sadly died and this shaped the rest of the video. We were shocked when we learnt that this was based on a true story, showing us the severe impact even a brief distraction can have.

Safe Drive, Stay Alive

Throughout the production, several people came and told us an experience they have had of a car crash and how it has affected them. They consisted of a fireman, a paramedic, a police officer, a doctor, a mother who lost her son in a car crash and a car crash victim. Each person gave a really powerful message of the importance of safe driving by showing us the damage that car crashes can do.

For me, the most impactful story was the fireman’s where he told the story of finding a teenager flung out of a car due to their seatbelt not being worn, and the agony that he was in. Sadly, this boy went on to lose his life and was a stark reminder of the consequences of not driving safely. The account from the mother was also extremely touching as it showed the effect a car crash can have on people who were not directly involved in the accident.

The overall messages from the event were to always wear your seatbelt, never drink and drive and to never be distracted while driving. To help us with this last point, we were all given a pouch to put our phone into whilst driving that stops notifications being received - to prevent distractions. I would like to thank the school for taking us and the local council for putting on this thought-provoking performance.