Rainy skies and huge puddles - what more could Southampton offer a group of eager Challoner’s students? A lot, as it turns out! Our time at the University of Southampton was short, only a day, but we learned plenty about both university and robotics.

The Electronics Labs

Our robotics journey started earlier this year when we assembled our team. Last weekend we travelled to the kickstart event in Southampton to collect the kit for the competion we would be competing in. Here the organisers explained how the competition would work and the task that we would have our robots compete for.

The kit which included a power board, Ruggeduino (a control board to connect other components to), Raspberry Pi (a very small computer), and some accessories. A list of tasks accompanied this to enable us to learn how to do some basic things with the components we were given. These included charging the battery and writing some code to the Raspberry Pi and Ruggeduino.

Next came what many students were looking forward to - lunch sponsored by Papa John’s Pizza! If a day of exciting electronics and coding wasn’t enough, then the pizza topped it off. Once the pizza had been demolished, we finished off some of the remaining tasks before getting a tour of the university.

The University of Southampton has recently refurbished a lot of their computer science and electronics labs and this was amazing to see. From huge monitors to state of the art equipment, it showed us where we could be in a few years.

Thanks must go to both the University of Southampton for hosting the event, Student Robotics for organising the competition and the Physics Team for organising the trip.