Recently, Challoner’s finest mathematicians took on the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Senior Maths Challenge. This entailed 90 minutes of unimaginably tough maths puzzles, based not on what we have been taught but purely your maths initiative. No calculators, no teachers to help and definitely no group work. It was you and 25 maths questions to dissect and ultimately solve.

For each question there was a choice of answers from A to E, with a correct answer warranting four marks but a wrong answer resulting in a mark deducted from your overall score. This meant weighing up the risk of answering a question you weren't fully sure about, meaning we thought carefully about the accuracy of our work. The questions got harder as the paper went on meaning time was a precious commodity. It was completed by Maths students in the Sixth Form and even some brave Year 11 students studying Additional Mathematics. Results are yet to come out but students wait with bated breath to see if they made it to the next round.

How you would have fared? Try some sample questions