A new year at Challoner's is always full of firsts but this year brought a new sport into the curriculum: handball. As teachers and students alike learned the rules and the school attempted to get a grip on the sport, it was Year 11 who were lucky enough to be selected as the first year to try the extremely physical yet highly demanding game. After having spent the last six weeks learning the game, students were rewarded with a House Handball tournament. Each house had a squad of nine players, one of which was a goalkeeper.

The first game, Holman versus Foxell, was, as always, a tense encounter. However, Holman asserted their dominance early and after using their taller players well, eventually secured a 6-1 victory. Next up was Thorne versus Rayner, the latter using their cricketers to great advantage, taking some great catches and scoring well, winning 4-2. This high standard of play continued throughout the rest of the tournament, forcing Mr Sharpe, the referee, on stay on his toes as he attempted to keep pace with the complicated fouling system. After all the teams had played each other, Holman emerged victorious, followed by Rayner, Foxell, Thorne, Pearson and Newman.

It was a great event thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who took part. Real credit must once again go to the Sports Team for trying out new and innovative ideas that really demonstrate the school's ‘sport for all’ ethos, and for organising such an exciting event.