Year 8s recently recieved a visit from Ginificent Productions, who performed A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, as part of their study of the text in English lessons over the last half term. With an impressive cast of only three talented actors, the play was fast-paced and memorable.

The performance was filled with truly shocking moments which left us stunned and aghast in our seats. The play consisted of the original Dickens story with modern adaptions as well to maximise our enjoyment. The costumes and the set also made the play something we won't forget in a while.

At the end of the performance the cast allowed us to ask a few questions such as, 'What made you start acting?' and, 'What made you want to play Scrooge?' which enabled us to learn more about the behind the scenes and the lift of an actor.

It was an incredibly enriching experience and something all Year 8 will remember for a long time. Thank you to Ginificent Productions for performing for us and for the English Team for organising it.