In a celebration of their achievements of the past two academic years, students of Year 12 gathered in the Main Hall to receive official recognition of their GCSE results, joined by those in Year 13 who had excelled in the AS year.

A hall of success - Daniel New, Year 13

The evening began with an eloquent speech from the headmaster, outlining recent sporting and academic successes, before drawing parallels with a predecessor, who held the position some 90 years ago. Engaging for both parents and students, the speech detailed the contrasts in technologies and in the nature of the school site, before concluding with how a vision of expansion of the school had become a reality under our current headmaster.

Certificates, in tandem with more exclusive prizes for excellence in specific subjects and in other areas of the curriculum, were presented by guest speaker Baroness Waldegrave. Parents, students and staff were enlightened by a glimpse into her own inspirational experiences as a chef.

Along a journey of ups and downs, from missing out on university to running her own cookery school - with an annual turnover of more than £3 million - the Baroness provided words of wisdom along with congratulations to those in Year 12 and 13.

Congratulations! - Daniel New, Year 13

Altogether, Senior Prize Giving was an insight into school life, past and present, and an enjoyable evening of celebration for all involved.