Hale and Tituba - Tom Kershaw-Green (Year 12)

At the end of November, over three nights, the entirely student-led production of Arthur Miller's The Crucible took place in the school hall. The cast and crew worked incredibly hard on it since September and the final result was outstanding. It was directed by Robert Hough, in Year 13, and produced by myself, and we both enjoyed tackling this dark piece and working with the talented company.

The production was met with acclaim around the school - students and teachers alike were talking and tweeting about it for days afterwards. On the final night, the cast received a standing ovation, before the production team travelled backstage to receive cheers and presents from the cast.

We now eagerly await the next Challoner's production: The Boyfriend, will be our latest musical in 2015.

Judgement - Tom Kershaw-Green (Year 12)