Playing the trumpet - Max Povinelli (Year 13)

House Music is a showcase of many different standards and genres of music in which all year groups take part. As it is a house competition, any performers that win a category earn their House some precious points.

The competition started on Monday with the Piano and Percussion category, further divided into Beginner (grades 1-3), Intermediate (grades 4-6) and Advanced (you guessed it, grades 7+) groups. Strings, Wind and Brass and Singing categories followed on subsequent days, and then on Thursday evening, the winners of all the categories performed to parents, teachers and friends in the highly anticipated final.

For the final, beginner, intermediate and advanced players of all disciplines were pitted against the other finalists of the same difficulty level, so it was up to the students to really demonstrate their technical prowess in their instrument.

Piano fingers

It was an evening of truly exceptional talent, and all the students produced marvellous performances. The overall winners were Alastair Hughes (Year 7) in the Beginner category, Richie Carr (Year 7) in the Intermediate category and Ben Smith (Year 11) in the Advanced category.

Well done to all the boys who performed: it was a great year for the competition and I for one can't wait until next time!