Anti-bullying poster - Michael Zeineddine (Year 7)

A new approach was introduced for this year’s Anti-Bullying Week, to re-model the way students approach the issue of bullying. For the first time ever, students were given free reign to create and organise ideas to address their peers about the subject of anti-bullying. Further to this, the school took the opportunity to have a wider look at the idea of equality in society.

Jay Patel and Rohan Montgomery sparked creativity in the student body with their Anti-Bullying Poster Competition, for which there was an astonishing 147 entries. The best of these were posted up across the school, so well done to anyone involved. Alongside this, Ben Smith led every student in the school in signing a massive 'pledge against bullying' - with the final result being a three metre long board of student pledges.

Finally, throughout the week Ben Smith, Troy Fielder and I delivered a talk on the subject of gender equality in assemblies to different year groups. This hard-hitting talk looked at the feminism movement, for which debate has recently been re-ignited in the media.

The week ran very smoothly, and we look forward to future years in which the anti-bullying message is communicated through the mouths and pens of the students themselves.