On a cold November evening, Year 13 students and spectators gathered into the hall to transform it into a theatre of knowledge with their Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) exhibition. The EPQ requires students to research a topic of their choice and create a project that thoroughly explores the chosen topic using a variety of sources. The exhibition was an opportunity for students to show off their marvellous work, and they all relished the opportunity to give their teachers a lecture on their chosen topic.

The huge variety of projects was magnificent and ranged from designing blue prints for a rocket to exploring contemporary issues such as the Falkland Islands sovereignty debate. Students stood proudly by their displays and offered their expertise to passers-by, who were spoilt for choice of what to look at. The presentations the students delivered to their advisors will go towards their final grade. The night proved a huge success with students and parents leaving with more knowledge than they came with. The hard work the boys had put into preparation had paid off, and the evening epitomised the Challoner's learning habits of questioning and perseverance to achieve academic success.