On Wednesday 17th November Dr. Colin Wright the internationally renowned Mathematician and Juggler visited the school to give three lectures/performances to a packed school hall. In the morning the whole sixth form watched as Dr. Wright combined the story of his journey to the very top of the juggling world with many highly entertaining tricks, an insight into the real power of mathematics and an explanation that it really is everywhere and can explain so much.

The afternoon saw an enthralled audience of approximately 380 Year 10 and 11 students as he made them realise that in order to model something seemingly very complex, some very simple mathematics that anyone could understand can sometimes be used, and again an array of tricks and entertaining stories came forth.

Finally, guests from other schools joined parents and siblings to see Dr Wright display his talents and listen to him spread his passion for Mathematics. He is a wonderful and truly inspirational speaker of the very highest calibre and we were extremely honoured to have him visit.