Growing up in a family completely obsessed with cricket made it fairly difficult for me to avoid the sport. I started playing when I was nine years old, in the boys team at my school. Since then, I have played in both boys and girls teams at club and county level. I have enjoyed meeting and playing with a range of people and have gained a wealth of skill and experience as a result.

When I joined DCGS, I was eager to get as involved as possible in school life outside of the classroom. Cricket - being a passion of mine - meant that I was excited at the prospect of being able to attend weekly net sessions with the boys, but with the inevitable differences in size and strength at this age I never expected to be selected for a school team. However, the lack of spin bowlers in the squad played to my strengths and gave me the chance to earn a place in the Second XI for the first match of the season against Royal Grammar School.

Although we did not get the result we had hoped for, being able to represent the school was still a great experience as well as playing alongside my classmates and getting to know new people. I bowled two overs and finished with figures of 2-1. The atmosphere was great on and off the pitch - the rest of the team made me feel very welcome - I was proud to make my DCGS debut!

At the time I didn’t realise that I was doing anything special, after the game I became aware that I was the first girl ever to have played senior cricket for Challoner’s. It is an honour to have my name attached to this record and I hope that more girls will continue to represent the school in ‘boys’ teams in the future.