Alex Scarrow

At the beginning of this month, childrens' author Alex Scarrow came to the Milton Library and luckily Year 7 had the chance to hear him speak. He told us about his life before being a writer, starting out as an avid rock guitarist in a band, before finding more success as a graphic artist, and finally transitioning to become a young adult fiction writer. He has written a number of books, including the Time Riders and Ellie Quinn series'. He also told us about a project he is working on in which he and some ‘puppeteers’ are using Minecraft to produce a play based on Time Riders.

Scarrow discussed the concept of the Time Riders series, which explores how different history could be with only the smallest of changes. We also got to watch a trailer for the books, outlining the basic story - it left many of us with an interest in reading them. Scarrow also read the first two chapters from the first book in this series - it was brilliant.

The talk was rounded off with a Q&A with Scarrow. One noteworthy piece of advice was about how to write a story and not get stuck in a hole mid-way through without any ideas. His advice was that if you write the big, climactic end to the story you will always have a direction to go in as you know the end result you're working towards.

I am certain that all of Year 7 thoroughly enjoyed the visit and are looking forward to the next visitor they get to meet.