Paperwork - Vandan Somani, Year 8

At the end of a full-on half term, including revision and exams, Year 8 had the opportunity to shadow someone they knew at work.

We were given a booklet, which included a diary for our day and some key skills for the workplace. It also contained activities to complete during the day, such as an interview with an employee to find out what their job involved, what skills they needed for their job and what they liked most about it. This was a fantastic opportunity to find out about work and everything it involves.

At one stage, I went into a meeting, which was intriguing and featured detailed discussion of a great deal of information. The meeting lasted for an hour and a half!

Office Space - Vandan Somani, Year 8

During the day we also considered when key skills at work are necessary and why they are important. But, as they say, safety does come first and so we filled in a page of precautions and preparation before the day commenced. To conclude the experience, we wrote an evaluation of our day and a letter of thanks to the organisation that hosted us.

Overall, it was a very worthwhile visit and a great end to an eventful half term. To follow this, we will be travelling to Hillingdon Outdoor Activity Centre with DCHS, before an Enrichment Day on July 18th.