Many students from across the whole of the lower school gave up their lunch break earlier this week to attend the annual House Geography competition to win some important points for their house. The challenge tested both the students’ accuracy and speed, with extra house points being awarded for the fastest teams. Bonus points were also available for getting as many students to participate as possible. The competition required orienteering, logical and general knowledge skills to complete a variety of tasks.

Each group was given an answer sheet which contained ten questions that all had to be answered. By combining the first letter of each answer, a hidden country name could be found, forming the final challenge of the puzzle. The groups were also given a map of the school site which showed where clues to the questions were located across and around the buildings.

At the end of the house event, the winners were Rayner with 110 points, Newman came a close second with 100 points and Thorne came third with 74 points.

View the house competition standings

I would like to thank the Geography Team for organising the event, especially Mr Davies, the main coordinator of the competition.