Speeches are a powerful way to speak out to people about something you are passionate about and at school, we have the chance to speak out every year with Challoner's Speaks. This year's theme was ‘The World We Live In’ and there were many interesting subjects that were talked about in this competition. The competition, running for Years 7-10, allowed people to think about, ‘What is wrong with our world? What needs to change and needs talking about?’

After roughly a month of planning, all the students had finalised a subject, made a plan for their speech and wrote a speech ready to present to the class. A variety of subjects were spoken about throughout all the year groups, but in the end, after everyone had presented their speech, the teachers needed to choose from their class who would move on to the semi-final, which would be presented in front of the selected year group. After presenting in front of the year group, the judges (The Headteacher and two Governors) chose the winner from each year group. The winners are Year 7: Patrekur Brynjarsson, Year 8: Laurence Holdsworth, Year 9: Eshwar Tewari and Year 10: Max Hall.

Congratulations to all the winners and to everybody for taking part!